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Heal at home

Some medical conditions that typically require a hospital stay may now be cared for at home. Sena Health works with your physician and coordinates care services to your home, such as IV fluids, laboratory, pharmacy, x-ray, etc. Your home environment may be the best place for your healing. 


Sena's Concierges make sure you're connected and cared for. Concierges support customers and their families while coordinating and facilitating these care services.

Your physician, together with you and your family, design your care throughout your healing and wellness journey.

Sena Health provides an accessible, safe, compassionate, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to traditional inpatient hospital care.

Home setup

We provide the necessary hardware to continuously monitor customers in their familiar home environment. 


A Sena Kit, which enables communication and medical monitoring, goes to each home. Sena Kits include easy-to-use devices that measure:


   body temperature 

   heart rate 

   blood oxygen saturation level

   blood pressure   

Each kit also includes paper for notes, instructions for using the devices, and instructional video demonstrations.  

Keeping You Connected

Customers/family members video conference with their care concierges at least once per day. Also, concierges are available 24/7/365 to answer questions or attend to any issues that may arise. 

Customers and caregivers may use the papers included in the Sena Kit for notes to keep track of needs, “to-do’s,” and more. In the near future, customers will also have the ability to place notes directly on Sena’s digital platform if they so choose.

Customers/caregivers may contact concierges by audio/video at any hour of the day or night to reach them live - no voice messages!

Sena Health Concierges:

arrange, track, and make sure customers are 'in the know' regarding their care services​

foster communication, connection, and alliances for all involved in the customer's healing journey

speak to customers/caregivers once to several times a day by audio/video according to customer needs and preferences​

are always ready to solve any issues that arise

are liaisons between those who need the services, those who order the services, and those who deliver the services​ 

"It takes a village" for people to care for people and Sena Health works to form and nurture that village.

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