For Health Systems

We complement the breath of services you already provide by expanding your reach for people (patients) healing-at-home.


We offer support services to allow your physicians and clinicians to practice safely and effectively using SENA Health support.

Our 24/7/365 Care Concierge Center, combined with our logistics and communication tech platform, enables the expansion of your care delivery into their homes in a way that pleases patients.  


We provide relief to your staff during times when they are overwhelmed by COVID-19 and other surges in demand.  Lower acuity patients not quite suitable for release from an emergency room can now go home with monitoring and support service instead of spending time in hallways waiting for a bed.  


We assist in identifying the modes of payment that would yield a triple win - a satisfying episode of care for your patients, for your clinicians, and for your financial sustainability. 

The adoption of a healing-at-home model is made possible by several financial incentives: CMS Hospital-at-Home Waiver Program, Bundled Payment Models, Medicare Advantage terms, and a variety of risk-based opportunities you may have available from your commercial payers. 

Our 30-day episode assures that support to patients and clinicians continues through a transition period.  

We do not provide medical or clinical services - that's the role of the physicians and ancillary clinicians with whom we collaborate.  Our role is to strive to achieve prompt execution of all clinical orders while adding a personal touch to ensuring a safe, very satisfying experience for your patients and clinicians.


For eligible patients, the home is preferred for healing as it enables better health maintenance from better sleep, increased mobility and reduced six-month mortality.  


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Hospitals & Health Systems

 Optimize Workflow:

Our in-home technology care platform & 24/7 service coordination center enhances operational efficiency and alleviates future surge capacities needs.  Experience the ability to care for more patients, lower costs and increase revenue.

 Extension of Care:

Provide acute and post-acute care to eligible patients allowing hospitals to function at higher capacity.  Facilities can extend care beyond their walls to the homes of patients for the same reimbursement rates as inpatient care.

 Assistance with Home-Based Care Models:

Our team will collaborate with each facility to access its individuals needs and provide customized assistance either establishing or augmenting existing models of home-based care. 


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Sean Health partners with physicians to facilitate the delivery of hospital-level care for patients healing at home. 

24/7 Monitoring of Your Patients:

Patients are continuously monitored by our team of board-certified medical professionals.  Additionally, patients can communicate anytime through our web-based tech platform, which is accessible by wi-fi and cellular services on a 24/7 basis.

Improve Clinical Outcomes:

We provide the necessary hardware and technology to continuously monitor your patient in the comfort of their homes.  Our services will enable you to provide your patients will hospital-level care that results in reduced rates of mortality and readmission.


Established Network:

Ensure that every patient’s need is promptly met through our network of established logistical connections with specialty clinicians, pharmacists and medical supply companies.  Our network is continuously monitored for effectiveness to ensure high-quality services.

People. Process. Technology

 Healing at Home

We enable the delivery of hospital services at home, avoiding hospital infections, providing exceptional patient & doctor experience, at a lower cost for everyone.  


Our concierge team connects customers at home & their families to their caregivers 24/7 throughout an episode of care and beyond.

Caregiver team

Our board certified physician-led team works with all caregivers to coordinate the care in people’s homes.