Health Insurers

Sena Health ​provides your members with choice.

For Insurance companies and self-insured employers:


We offer support services to allow your members / employees a choice for healing at home for many of the medical problems that normally land them in the hospital.  


We collaborate with your participating providers to identify the patients that can safely heal at home.


We reduce disruption to the lives of your members / employees by offering an alternative to what is often a resource-intensive hospital stay.


For eligible patients, the home is preferred for healing as it enables better health maintenance from better sleep, increased mobility and reduced six-month mortality.  


Our alternative approach to the site of healing reduces spending. 


We do not provide medical or clinical services - that's the role of the physicians and ancillary clinicians with whom we collaborate.  Our role is to facilitate the prompt execution of all clinical orders while adding a personal touch to ensuring a safe, healing, and very satisfying experience for your members / employees. 


Sena Health’s solution decreases waste and unnecessary reimbursement by enabling patients to receive efficient clinical care outside the hospital setting.

Cost Savings: Payors can expect a 20 to 50% reduction in costs for the treatment of patients outside of hospitals and other expensive care facilities. 

Improved Patient Outcomes: Patients receiving hospital-level care at home have been shown to have significantly lower rates of hospital admissions and mortality compared to those in hospitals. 

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Health Insurers

Sena Health’s solution provides your members with a choice. Your members receive safe clinical care outside the hospital setting by physicians who are already participating providers in your network.

The care can be provided at a cost that is often 20 to 50% below inpatient treatment cost.  Both inpatient hospital and skilled nursing facility stays can be avoided.  

Patients receiving hospital-level care at home have been shown to have better outcomes, including reduced mortality, compared to those in hospitals. 


People. Process. Technology

 Healing at Home

We enable the delivery of hospital services at home, avoiding hospital infections, providing exceptional patient & doctor experience, at a lower cost for everyone.  


Our concierge team connects customers at home & their families to their caregivers 24/7 throughout an episode of care and beyond.

Caregiver team

Our board certified physician-led team works with all caregivers to coordinate the care in people’s homes.