Why Sena Health?

Healing at home decreases fear, stress, immobility, infections, and dramatically reduces the cost of care.


Sena Health works to create a positive emotional space for healing and the improvement of health, vitality, and wellness.


People are consulted and engaged in creating their own healing and wellness journeys to assess and implement lifestyle changes toward realization of true wellness.

Our principles

Safety: Deliver care that is free of any harm as per national and international standards


Empathy: Provide care and support with dignity and compassion to all customers


Empowerment: To make joyful the work of wellness by inspiring motivation to not only survive, but also thrive


Teamwork and engagement: Work collaboratively with open communication, transparency and coordination between staff and customer to achieve customer goals


Innovation: Embrace intuitive tools and discover better solutions every day

The idea


At Sena Health, we enable the delivery of hospital-level services at home through a holistic approach toward satisfying an individual’s health care needs. 


In contrast to the often highly fragmented at-home clinical care services, we focus on comprehensive care coordination to ensure consideration is given to all aspects of a customer’s life. 


We create a positive emotional space for healing as well as the improvement of health, wellness and vitality. 


We implement a customer-centric alternative far superior to traditional inpatient care, with customers consulted and engaged in the creation of their own healing journey -- a journey that takes place in the safety and familiarity of home.




WE ARE dedicated to being there for our customers and their families, physicians and service providers. 


avoiding hospital infections and anxiety,


providing exceptional

customer experience,

safely and comfortably at home,


at a lower cost for everyone.  

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