Meet The Team


Anthony Wehbe, DO,  MBA



I formed Sena Health to find like-minded people that are passionate about achieving better health at home and helping people age in place. ​

My family drives me to achieve vitality and make a dent in this world for the better.

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Joe Lyons


I helped form Sena Health to support people who want to have healing resources brought to them at home and to help them achieve high levels of wellness as they emerge from illness. 

I find vitality in the basics: enough sleep, the right food and being active physically, being engaged in worthy purpose, and pursuing adventure.

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Larry McEvoy, MD



I helped form Sena Health to be part of a forward-looking community that is working to create dynamic, healthy futures for the 21st century.  

As a life-long outdoorsman I find vitality taking in the beauty of my mountainous homeland in Montana.

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Care Coordinators


Julienne Abou Jaoude, RN


Care Coordinator

I joined Sena Health to be a part of their hard working team that helps others and promotes wellness. We work tirelessly to ensure that all patients are well taken care of. I work to empower patients, guide them and provide them with holistic care at their time of need.


By assisting and supporting others we make the world a little bit better each time.


Murielle Fayad

Care Coordinator

I consider Sena Health a great company for me to be my best at what I love to do. 

My vitality comes from integrating what I've learned into my work. I am motivated to communicate, radiate kindness and help people. 


Pamela El Francaoui, RN


Lead Care Coordinator

Working at Sena Health is an opportunity to be involved in the promotion of healing at home through relationships of trust, hope, and giving our customers a sense of being known.


Maintaining a positive mindset and having gratitude is what gives me a sense of vitality in life. I find that fresh air, sunshine, and green spaces are what help me achieve that mentality.


Cesar El Ghaly, RN


Care Coordinator

I joined Sena Health because it's a new innovative opportunity in home care and it enables me to work with remarkable people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

My vitality comes from the mentality to put myself in others shoes and look at something from multiple perspectives. It gives me understanding and patience. 

Administration, Support, Research, Development


Rebecca Badawi, MD


Clinical Research

I believe in the value of teamwork and I strongly believe in working with other people towards a common goal. I see it as my job to make a difference in people's lives as well as the community's well being. 


Diana Berbery

Finance and Admin

I joined Sena Health because care at home allows us to do meaningful work, to make a difference and to change lives, families and the community. 

My vitality comes from my family. they provide me with love and support. 


Kathleen Flannery, RN

Operations Lead

As a registered nurse with over 30 years of leadership experience in the home care field I've focused on providing high quality compassionate care in the home.


I am passionate about helping people with aging in place and doing the right thing for others. 


Elie Kassis

IT Specialist

I joined Sena Health because I believe in Sena Health's cause, and this compels me to be part of such a caring and compassionate organization.


The founders of Sena Health are always seeking to improve the IT
infrastructure and its security - that keeps me eager and motivated to give the most to achieve the best performance possible!

Eddy Kassis


Project Manager

I chose Sena Health after meeting some of its team members and learning its objectives.  I decided to use my experience for the prosperity of this health support organization. With great enthusiasm aboard and such an experienced team, there is no limit!

Having to help people in need is what makes me continue forward. There is more to life than sitting waiting for something good to come; small acts of kindness can change someone's day!


Catherine Lyons, RN


Wellness Lead, Culture

& Communications

I embrace and am grateful to help people heal at home and to provide opportunity for people to develop and practice wellness.


I am energized by clean food, peaceful sleep, exercise, singing, cooking,  mindfulness, dance, yoga, nature, music, love, babies, smiles, and a positive mantra! 


Patricia Madden, DNP, RN


Senior Clinical Advisor

I believe in the concept of treating the patient when able at home.


My vitality has always been my love of nursing and the energy to tackle multiple issues by developing programs that make sense. 

Bridget Sarikas


Consulting Lead

I joined Sena Health because I appreciate the challenges in delivering healthcare to those in underserved populations and those who want to find alternatives to excellent care outside of the hospital setting.  Sena is committed to finding ways to reach all populations and provide the connection that goes beyond the head to the heart!  

I find the energy to live my best life by spending time with my family and friends and finding special moments of adventure.  I love to help people maneuver successfully through organizational chaos, and help women find purpose, intention, and balance.  Lead and learn is how I live a more purposeful/vital life!


Georges Semaan

Risk Management / Privacy Officer

I joined Sena Health because I believe in the value of having people not only heal in the comfort of their homes but also thrive to live to their full physical and mental potentials.


I find myself at my happiest and most relaxed whenever I'm closest to nature and surrounded by loved ones. 


Robert Tarola

Consulting Lead

I joined Sena Health because I believe the movement to provide an expanded scope of home care services is good for families and the US Healthcare System.  I believe Sena has an opportunity to be at the forefront of that movement.

My children and grandchildren, and interesting client projects give me vitality.  


Charbel Wehbe, MD



I am energized by the will to grow, develop, and have a positive influence on everyone I meet.


My vitality comes from being active to have a better earth to live on either through medicine, spreading joy, small talk, advice, or just by being there for someone. 


Reem Wehbe, MD


Physician Advisor

I joined Sena because I always wanted to "know" the patient from a different point of view.  Medicine is not about treating a disease anymore, it is about seeing the person in front of you and taking a long journey with that person.  

My optimistic nature and ability to see the positive in every situation gives me the strength and motivation I need.  My faith provides me with the self-confidence I require to excel and prosper.  


Christopher Westberg


Sena Health consists of people who all share the same passion for helping others through an empathetic and compassionate approach, making this organization a perfect fit for me.  

To enhance my vitality I strive to find ways to contribute value to the lives of others, which in turn gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  


Licensure varies by geographic region, and individuals do not work in a clinical capacity under Sena Health.