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Sena Health ​provides you and your customers with choice.

We supplement your services and your electronic health record with the following:


A care concierge support staff available 24/7/365 via video & audio link to help you, your patients and their family members access each component of care that's needed.  This staff is available to you and your on-call support always.


A communication & logistics platform so you can track on a moment-to-moment basis the experience of each patient's episode of care.


Timely diagnostic metrics for each of your patients from medical devices deployed to the patient home that measure health status at any time.  The result of any device use is available to you on our website, usually within 15 seconds.  


Reliable home delivery of ancillary services - nursing care, infusion services, drugs, labs, and more.  When you order diagnostic and therapeutic services, you know that our care concierges are closely monitoring compliance with your directives until each one is fulfilled. 


We do not provide medical or clinical services - that's your role.  Our role is to strive to achieve prompt execution of all of your orders while adding a personal touch to ensuring a safe, very satisfying experience for your patients. 

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