Hospital-Level Care in the Home:

Reduced Mortality and Readmission Rates, Higher Patient Satisfaction!

S Health provides patients with an alternative to inpatient hospital care. Through our in-home technology care platform & service coordination center, we partner with physicians, health systems, and insurers so patients can heal at home. We allow patients, together with their family members, to make informed decisions with their physician as to the delivery of care in the home.

Our Services Include:

*Converting the patient’s home into a safe place to heal

We provide the necessary hardware and technology to continuously monitor the patient in their own familiar home environment.

*Clinical Care Coordination Center

We Facilitate all services and monitor patients 24/7.

*Comprehensive Episode of Care

The typical 5-day hospital stay is modified to a 30-day episode of healing, education & lifestyle change.


Hospital-at-home is an alternative to traditional inpatient care that has been associated with improved clinical outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and higher patient satisfaction.
Healing at home is an alternative to traditional inpatient care and results in improved clinical outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and higher customer satisfaction.

"Higher patient satisfaction and far lower treatment costs accrue as compared to an inpatient admission when care is in the home."                                                   

- Annals of Internal Medicine

"Hospital-at-Home patients experience lower rates of 30-day hospital readmission and provided higher ratings of care compared to those receiving inpatient care."          

- JAMA Internal Medicine

"Healthcare costs were found to be an average of 38% lower for those receiving care at home compared to patients admitted to the hospital.  Furthermore, the patients at home were more physically active and received more sleep than those admitted to the hospital."           

- Journal of General Internal Medicine

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