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Facilitating + coordinating care for holistic healing  

Sena Health enables healing at home for some medical conditions that would typically require a hospital stay. We coordinate services in the familiarity, comfort and safety of home.

Bringing hospital-level care to home

Sena responds immediately to all customer needs.  We provide the necessary medical devices and technology to continuously monitor customers in their own familiar home environment. 

People communicating with people

Our Care Concierge Central is there  24 / 7 / 365​ to ensure safety, service, and TLC.  Each concierge supports customers & their families, connecting them to their clinicians and services using Sena Health's platform. 

Our web-based platform is more than just logistical help, these concierges are there for you. When you call, they answer - and they care!



Concierges arrange, track and make sure customers are 'in the know' regarding their care services.

Concierges foster communication, connection and alliance for all involved in the customer's healing journey.  


Concierges speak to customers/caregivers once to several times a day by audio/video according to customer needs and desires.

Customers/caregivers may contact concierges by audio/video at any hour of the day or night, there are no recordings! 


Concierges are always at the ready to facilitate the solution to any issues that arise

AND be liaison between those who need the services, those who order the services and those who deliver the services. 

"It takes a village" for people to care for people and Sena Health works to form and nurture that village. 

Sena Health Team

Board-certified physicians, nurses and care concierges coordinate, facilitate and enable the seamless delivery of services into customers' homes according to their needs and preferences.   

Health plans

care services



health systems

Coordinating delivery of up to 18 care services

* nursing

* nursing aide

* laboratory

* pharmacy

* radiology

* infusion

* durable medical equipment

* monitoring devices

* food

* respiratory therapy

* physical therapy

* speech therapy

* occupational therapy

* social work

* transportation

* paramedic

* billing and insurance

* specialty consults

Caring beyond our initial connection

The typical 4 day hospital stay is extended to a 30-day episode of healing, discovery & lifestyle awareness. Sena provides tools for building individual wellness habits and practices.

What others are saying about this model of care

Healing at home is an alternative to traditional inpatient care and is associated with improved clinical outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and higher customer satisfaction.

"Higher patient satisfaction and far lower treatment costs accrue as compared to an inpatient admission when care is in the home."                                                   

- Annals of Internal Medicine

"Hospital-at-Home patients experience lower rates of 30-day hospital readmission and provided higher ratings of care compared to those receiving inpatient care."          

- JAMA Internal Medicine

"Healthcare costs were found to be an average of 38% lower for those receiving care at home compared to patients admitted to the hospital.  Furthermore, the patients at home were more physically active and received more sleep than those admitted to the hospital."           

- Journal of General Internal Medicine

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