Individualized wellness journey

30-days of healing, discovery & lifestyle awareness! Sena provides tools for building individual wellness habits and practices based on a customer's curiosity.

What is wellness?

It’s more than not being sick, it means being free to live with joy and purpose.  

It means being connected and being whole - whole in body/mind/self.  


It means being at an optimum best, the ‘bright-eyed and bushy-tailed’ kind of best - thriving rather than surviving!

Wellness is a practice.


For each individual wellness journey, we:

share information that sparks curiosity, raises awareness, and fosters “aha” moments 

suggest small shifts that bring large benefits 

inspire customers to investigate topics on their own

guide customers to appreciate that wellness involves choice, personal responsibility and practice

We are not victims of disease.                         Lifestyle determines wellness



Health is wealth for life


Wealth = wisdom + wellness

The diseases that kill most Americans are created by our lifestyle.


Be your own ‘health care system’ rather than ‘disease care system.’  Shift the paradigm. In other words create more wellness in your life by focusing on wellness, not sickness.

We have ideas and suggestions for your wellness.  Lifestyle determines health.  We’re available to assist you in making lifestyle decisions for yourself that work for you - not medical decisions but decisions that are outside the area of medicine. 


We help you to observe, decide, and make changes that you choose about the beliefs, activities and habits of daily life that move you to wellness.  Topics include food and water, sleep, movement, relaxation, somatic smarts, connection and purpose.  Our goal is to support you to a lifestyle in which you thrive!